Happy New Year 2007.

A new start. A fresh perspective.

Resolutions to be made and broken, lessons to be learnt and spoken.

This year, I also want to remember some very special people, who are no longer with us, but reside in our individual and collective consciousness. I start with a request. 

This week, however you can or desire to, try and do a little something that celebrates life. Whilst doing it, remember a very dear friend, Rob Sadgrove, who died just over a year ago on 29 December 2005. He was 40 and died of cancer. He wrote a blog: www.how2die.blogspot.com, for anyone interested.  

I am revisiting my own blog and will be adding to it when I can. Think of it as a kind of meditation; a chance to let off steam, ponder the absurdity and beauty of life, and communicate with friends across cyber space. Once again, I invite you to drop in and out – as and when you wish.

If you fancy another new year celebration, there’s Chinese new year to look forward to on February 18. Unlike the Christian calendar, it is composed of lunar cycles of 12, each represented by an animal. Each animal year is repeated five times with the addition of an element – water, metal, earth, wood and fire. This in turn makes a larger cycle of 60 years and so 2007 is the Year of the Fire Pig.

To everyone I know, I wish you only the best for the future.

The future is bright.

The future is violet, indigo, blue and green, yellow, orange and red.