It´s so good to hear from friends and those one loves. I have a lot to report but it will have to wait until I am less tired as I have been catching the early morning bus to the casa blanca to pick up a young girl Dermia who has cerebral palsy. She´s a delight and the journey in the morning is fun. The kids are so full of energy and love. Today I found myself weeping gently as I gave Fernando, who is 15 and one of the most severely autistic boys, some clothes that were donated by lovely Sarah and the staff at the NCH. Another volunteer was massaging Fernanado and he eagerly took the clothes I had sorted out for him, dressed himself and then lay on his side, looking to the sky and gesturing to his heart, and to me (the bearer of gifts), with the most incredible and indescribable expression of happiness and thanks. Words fail to fully express that moment. His smile is ear splitting and he tilts his head skyward and, though he has no language, he expresses so so much.
It was a little slice of magic and happiness I will never forget.
Until the next episode, love to all and hugs and besos. xxx


Every new journey to a different country is an assault on the senses – especially when it´s a developing one. It´s not just the people or the signs in unfamiliar languages. It´s the blend of sights, sounds and smells, and later, taste and touch. White woman on the trail, La Gringa entering Peru. How many of us have arrived here, symbols of Western culture and ideals, on a path of self-discovery, fulfilment and adventure? Leaving behind families, friends and homes, eager to trade the familiar for the new.

So, I have arrived. A nerve ending; raw and unmediated like litmus paper turning blue. This time, however, I am not travelling al fresco and back packing my way through different countries as in previous trips. This time, I have a clear destination; a place to go and a definite purpose which makes travelling alone an altogether different experience.

For those who regard these adventures as brave and daring, I urge you to step back and reconsider. It´s only a matter of physically moving your corporeal body from point A to point B and in a world of global travel we are spoilt for choice. It´s just a matter of making the move. We may not feel that we are creative in the formal sense and we may feel we are lacking in imagination. But hey, you can choose to live your life creatively and imaginatively. Make choices but also take chances. As dear Rob S would say, Lady Luck and Lady Change. And, before anyone thinks that I have gone all New Agey and Celestine Prophecy-like, no, that´s not the case. But what I do want to say is:

Flip that coin and see where it takes you. Dare to do. The only limitations are in your mind.

Welcome to 21st century living. I may be thousands of physical miles away but in my Cyber Dome, the virtual space I have created, I am ever present.

This is my virtual cafe. My space place.

Join me for a coffee, a chat and a cigarette.

Take time to tell me how you are and feel free to dip in and out.

All postings by me are my sole responsibility and the content does not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, the great cyber web master and mistresses in space.